Good day there!-

I am again after few updates to convey to your consideration a way more polished model of **Arthemy**, a brand new Secure-Diffusion-powered-free-software-for-local-generations-aimed-at-artists-and… *(I must breath!)* individuals who struggles with most Secure Diffusion UIs normally.

If you happen to’re aggravated by linear targeted flows of images and also you assume that img2img is dealt with poorly by most software program, Arthemy has a special strategy on that side – supplying you with a visible management and granting you the power to avoid wasting the entire venture and… preserve engaged on it the following day, with all settings saved!

[It’s great to look at all the artistic directions you take during this journey!](

If you happen to’re curious to know extra about it, I simply made two [Youtube]( video-tutorial about it! ***(I do not fake anybody to blind-install something in any respect!)***

It is nonetheless an Alpha model so… you would possibly anticipate some bugs and glitches right here and there, however I am fixing all the things, step-by-step – whereas engaged on the implementation of SDXL and ControlNET!


*It really works on Nvidia VideoCard with 4GB+ of VRAM and Apple machines with M1 / M2 processors!*

Lastly, in case you are curious sufficient to attempt it, you simply should obtain Arthemy from our web site: [](

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