Hey guys,

I’ve just spent the last 2 days (albeit part time) trying to train a LORA model of myself either through a local Dreambooth or on Google Colab through [Kohya_ss-colab](https://github.com/camenduru/kohya_ss-colab) while following [this great tutorial](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70H03cv57-o) and all I’m gonna say, long story short, is if I’m not running into errors, the safetensors I get simply don’t work once I test them out (i.e. it’s deep-friend or smudged non-sense, even after reducing training steps).

My dataset of 20 image and caption files are more than decent (as far as I’m aware). Yet, clearly, I must be doing something wrong, because nothing ever seems to work as anticipated. I’ve trained many models in the past with no issues, but LORAs don’t cooperate with me for some reason.

Since I’ve run out of patience, I thought I’d just try and see if anyone with an already-working LORA training setup would be interested in training a LORA of me for a fee (PayPal only)?

I would provide you with a ZIP file containing the 20 images + 20 caption files (all properly named) and all I’d ask in return is the .safetensors file back.

If interested, please shoot me a DM with your fee and estimated deadline.

Thank you very much! Much appreciated.

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