Hello i’ve an AMG GPU and tried to put in steady diffusion folowing this yt video:



nonetheless i bumped into this Drawback and altering the Commandline to ” [COMMANDLINE_ARGS=–skip-torch-cuda-test” did not work either. Hope someone can help me ^^ :


venv “C:UsersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directmlvenvScriptsPython.exe”

fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.

Python 3.10.6 (tags/v3.10.6:9c7b4bd, Aug 1 2022, 21:38:17) [MSC v.1932 32 bit (Intel)]

Model: 1.6.0

Commit hash: 39e6d26f3b66805677cc3b5c2bc3bd624c347608

Putting in torch and torchvision

ERROR: Couldn’t discover a model that satisfies the requirement torch==2.0.0 (from variations: none)

ERROR: No matching distribution discovered for torch==2.0.0


[notice] A brand new launch of pip obtainable: 22.2.1 -> 23.2.1

[notice] To replace, run: C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directmlvenvScriptspython.exe -m pip set up –upgrade pip

Traceback (most up-to-date name final):

File “C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directml[launch.py](https://launch.py)”, line 48, in <module>


File “C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directml[launch.py](https://launch.py)”, line 39, in important


File “C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directmlmoduleslaunch_utils.py”, line 378, in prepare_environment

run(f'”{python}” -m {torch_command}’, “Putting in torch and torchvision”, “Could not set up torch”, reside=True)

File “C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directmlmoduleslaunch_utils.py”, line 116, in run

elevate RuntimeError(“n”.be part of(error_bits))

RuntimeError: Could not set up torch.

Command: “C:CustomersSaniStableDiffusionwebuistable-diffusion-webui-directmlvenvScriptspython.exe” -m pip set up torch==2.0.0 torchvision==0.15.1 torch-directml

Error code: 1

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