This reddit thread is discussing the use of Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL 0.9) with official weights from Stability AI. The conversation also touches on topics such as an abandoned gas station, Route 66, old broken cars, sunset, bloom, and Kodachrome colors.


  • Tutorials are provided for using SDXL 0.9 on Google Colab for free and locally on your PC
  • Someone mentions a game called MyHouse.wad and suggests that the 666 gas station might work well in that context
  • Pictures generated with SDXL using the prompt are praised for their amazing quality and Fallout vibes
  • Discussion about the interpretation of “bloom” by SDXL, where it generates flowers instead of visual effects
  • Mention of the importance of using the correct terms and prompt syntax when using SDXL, as using the wrong terms can lead to poor results
  • Information about access to local files being locked behind a Patreon wall
  • Discussion about using Kodachrome to create a vintage or cinematic look with SDXL
  • A user expresses their satisfaction with SDXL’s ability to respect and interpret every detail of the prompt
  • Suggestions are made to try different phrases and words to understand how SDXL responds
  • The suggestion is made to try replacing “old” with “new” in the prompt to see the effect on the generated images
  • An explanation is given on how to use “Kodachrome” effectively in the prompt to evoke a specific era or age