Hi there Reddit neighborhood!


These days, I have been diving deep into the world of AI for content material creation. Whereas some would possibly anticipate groundbreaking illustrations from such experiments, that wasn’t my major objective. I am on a quest to discover a format that can be utilized to craft content material interesting to bigger audiences.

I’ve utilized:

* Secure Diffusion – mannequin SDXL
* Mubert – A superb software for on-the-fly music era.
* so vits svc: With this, I managed to generate Darth Vader’s voice.
* Adobe Firefly: I employed the generative fill operate, which, in my view, is among the most intuitive and native methods to work with AI in graphics.
* Adobe After Results: That is the place I did the modifying and parallax impact creation. Utilizing controlnet to craft a depth map.

My near-future plans revolve round manufacturing. I goal to shoot with actors in costumes after which course of the footage to create an animation impact. I firmly imagine that mixing real-life capturing with AI can yield astonishing outcomes.

I would love to listen to your ideas, recommendation, and proposals!

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